English Culture Week in Canterbury: CONCORDE RAP

RAP: Empire State of Mind
Rap creado por uno de los grupos de la profesora June en Inglaterra. Los autores e intérpretes son, en orden de intervención: Mario Pajares, Guillermo Palomino, Elena Pérez, Clara Martín e Irene Melchor.
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Lyrics  "Empire State of Mind"


Hi, we are from Spain,

And this is the Concorde Rap

We are… "tell the time!"


My name is Mario, and I like tomatoes

But I prefer going to buy potatoes.

But whenever I stay in Spain

In the morning there is always rain.


When I go to the bus station

All the people have a celebration.

I am Guillermo, and I am the best

But I prefer Caceres, in the west.


My name is Elena, and I like planes,

But I hate then when there’s wind and it rains

Now in my class I have to do a rap

And then I go to my house with a map


My name is Clara, and I have a boat,

When I go to the sea, I wear a coat


If you have a problem with me

You can go to speak to Apple Tree


RAP: Gangsta Paradise
Rap creado por el otro grupo de alumnos de June en Inglaterra. Los autores e intérpretes, en orden de intervención son: Silvia Salazar, Rubén García, Elia Roncero, Elena Harto, Amparo Arias e Irene Corrales.
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Lyrics "Gangsta Paradise"


I`m Silvia, and I like going to the shop

And this good song is for our teacher Bishopp.

My name is Ruben and I like sport

In Canterbury city a football I bought


I’m Elia and I like rap

In England I bought a good cap.

I’m Elena and I like this rhyme

And my cat always drinks wine


I’m Amparo and I like to dance

One day someone gave me a chance.

My name is Irene and I like to fly

If I can’t do it, I will cry.


We come from a town in Spain

We like sun and hate the rain

Six good persons we are

This is the best song you’ll hear in a bar

One day from Spain we went out

When you hear this you’ll have no doubt

We like fish and chips and hot dogs too

We like very much Winnie the Pooh